What I Did On My Summer Vacation

What I Did On My Summer Vacation - Grimm (Ao3) You know that moment when you are reading a great book and you are waiting for a certain event, but it never happens.. That was this Sterek for me.


I loved it, I really did. A nice slow burner. I was so intrigued from the start with what was going on in the town. And when Derek finally shifts from wolf to human, yay!


Stiles and Derek grow even closer and it’s not long before it’s more than friendship.

But I was waiting for some awesome Sterek sex. Because.. come on… Stiles is 20 years old, he is in love with a hot specimen like Derek, but the two just keep kissing and cuddling… It was frustrating! Was I the only horny person here, who just wanted the banging to happen?? It felt unrealistic. They find out they like each other as more than friends, they sleep together in the same bed night after night, they kiss, they cuddle, they make out, but nothing else happens. Not even off page. I felt like these guys had no libido.

And the object they were looking for to save the town… Boy, I had this whole theory that it was Stiles, and the ritual involved marathon sex! Well… no such luck..

There is some minor Sterek sex at the end, but it was actually a bit meh, and no ‘real’ sex.. Not even when Stiles would be leaving for college the next day.

So, a great read, with excellent writing. Could have used more sex though. But that could also be my depraved mind…