Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile

Come with Me and Walk the Longest Mile - DevilDoll 4.5 stars

Oh yeah! This was awesome!

I’ve read several fanfic by DevilDoll and I must say, she is a very talented writer. I got sucked in and was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

We have a post-apocalyptic world with zombies everywhere!

We have Derek, a werewolf trying to get back to his hometown Beacon Hills.

We have adorable Stiles, who is also trying to get back to Beacon Hills.

The two decide to travel together.
And it is during this road trip that Stiles goes into heat. Because, what do you know, he is an omega! Not quite human, not quite werewolf. Very attractive to werewolves and can also get pregnant during heat… Wow, that is…. really…. really…. ah, what the hell, just go with it.

Of course we have amazing Sterek sex!

And a HEA.