The Sensualist & the Untouched

The Sensualist & the Untouched - Susan Laine BR with Tina and Elsbeth

This is not what I expected.

Corey is a 33 year old virgin. He has never experienced sexual feelings and is under the impression he is frigid. So when he seeks help of a therapist, she sends him to Lucian. Lucian helps people with sexual problems. Lucian feels Corey is not frigid, simply repressed. So the two start working on Corey’s problem.

What I expected was some of this:

Perhaps a tender exploration of each other’s body.

And after some extensive use of this

We would get to this.

But what we got was.

First session was about hearing, the second about sight, and now smell? (..)
It was then that he smelled an odor unlike any before. He reared back, shocked, and ripped the black cloth out of his eyes. “What in the hell is that?” He pointed at the bowl where a tiny pool of creamy liquid lay. Lucian sniffed the contents of the bowl, a neutral expression on his face. “Fresh male semen, I believe. Well, relatively fresh. An hour old or thereabouts.”

Because a fresh bowl of semen is so sexy. Would you like a spoon with that?

I think that would make me frigid.

And the way Lucian talked.. it really got on my nerves.

“What a peculiar observation. I’m sure you’ve read your psych 101 and know that people always play roles, based on individual social situations and the company they keep. Sometimes a person even acts with himself. It happens. But for the time being, I’m trying to ascertain what, eh, role you play.”

And some things were just strange.

Thankfully he was short enough to compensate for it, because being thin and tall would have made him feel awkward in high heels.

Well, unless I missed the memo about Lucian dressing in drag, why would anyone describe this particular thought that way?

This book was just so unsexy. It was like It was like reading a manual. Sexual experiences are not about looking through a book, or talking about body odor. Or lining up a bunch of naked men and sniff them. Yes, that actually happens.

”Body hairs also affect how pungent the odor is and how long it lingers.” Corey seemed to mull this over, and his gaze went around the room over all the naked men. “Here you have the opportunity to see—well, smell for yourself.” Corey frowned, a displeased look encompassing his features. “Isn’t it a bit too… damn intrusive for me to stuff my face in a stranger’s crotch?”

No, of course not! You go and sniff all those crotches.


There is no angst and the relationship itself sails smoothly after the ‘how to get turned on 101’ lessons.

So, if you're still interested after this review, this could be the book for you!