Love, Like Water

Love, Like Water - Rowan Speedwell This book could have been great. I loved the first half and had great expectations of the second half. But there were some things that made me like this book less.

Joshua has come to his uncle’s ranch to recover from the last 3 years. He is a former FBI agent who has been undercover in a gang for the past 3 years. He had to kill people and got addicted when heroin was forced on him.


So not only did he have nightmares, but he had an addiction to get over.

It is there that he meets Eli, the foreman of the ranch. Josh reminds Eli of one of the scared, rescued horses they work with, so he knows a thing or to how to act with caution. The two form a friendship and when they find out they are both gay, nothing stands in their way of a relationship. Except the demons Joshua’s battles daily..

--Minor spoilers ahead--

The part of this book where we get to know Joshua and what happened to him was really well done. My heart went out to him and I admired his strength. He was just so sad.


The tentative friendship between Josh and Eli was amazing. I was totally on board with the sweet way Eli handled Josh and his issues.

But my main problem with this book was the relationship itself. As soon as these two share a first kiss I felt they were rushing everything. Especially their first time having sex. It was kind of over before I knew it. I was anticipating something more.

And then the ‘event’ that leads to Josh thinking he was not good enough for Eli and the resulting break up. It could have worked for me, really. I am not opposed to all angsty stuff. But I felt their relationship was not established enough for something that big to happen yet. A large part of this book is these guys getting to know each other, a very small part is their relationship and the other big part is their time apart. I felt like they had just started, and bam, it was over.

There is a HEA, but after all the pain they both endured, I was not happy when their big make up moment was nothing more than a few sentences said to each other.

It just wasn’t what I’d hoped it would be after such a promising start..