The Mark of an Alpha

The Mark of an Alpha - Kim Dare Re-read August 31st 2015

Still as good the second time. This book is not fluffy in any way, but it's so good.


Kim Dare sure know how to write gorgeous, meaningful BDSM scenes.
This book starts out with such a beautiful scene, I was really moved.

Bennet and Marsdon (LOVE the names!) are both wolf shifters.


This book starts with a scene where Bennet is submissive to the dominant Marsdon. Bennet wears a leather hood, so neither of them know the identity of the other wolf. The both know this is their last scene together, because they are both expected to mate. Little did they know they are soon to be mated to.. each other.

These men are both alpha’s. In the pack this means they are at the top of the hierarchy, as equals. And being submissive to another wolf is not what a leader does.


Marsdon is thrilled to find out he is mating the love of his life, his beautiful submissive. But Bennet knows he cannot appear weak, and being submissive is weak, is what he thinks. Now Marsdon just has to convince him otherwise.

I loved these men. Bennet and his insecurities. And Marsdon, who would have done anything to make his mate happy.

A fine BDSM novella.