We're Both Straight, Right?

We're Both Straight, Right? - Jamie Fessenden BR with lovely Elsbeth

2.5 stars

I was glad I read this with Elsbeth, because doing updates together made it at least some fun to read this book.

We have two best friends, roommates in college, who are going to shoot a gay porn movie together to earn some money. So Larry decides they need to practice a lot before they can do this.

This sounded so good to me. I was really looking forward to reading this shorty!


But.. I didn’t like it.


I never warmed up to either Larry or Zack. I could appreciate Larry’s honesty and there were some pretty funny scenes because of it. But overall I felt like Zack was way too uptight and Larry too pushy. And boy, did these two have trouble communicating.

It lacked romance. And I mean romance in the most broad sense of the word. But I never felt their connection. Zack was confused at the start and all of a sudden he was in love with Larry. And Larry, who said to Zack he didn’t feel the same way, but was declaring his love a few days later. I wasn’t buying it.

Not the book for me. The writing was great and there were some hilarious scenes, but I need to at least like the MC’s and I didn’t.