A Simple Romance

A Simple Romance - J.H. Knight ---Spoilers ahead---

This was absolutely terrible.
The first half bored me out of my mind.


And the second half was filled with Skip and his doubts… I really got tired of it. And don’t get me started on Paul with his pushy ways. You have been together for a few months, why does Skip need to make a commitment? He was married for 8 years and his husband cheated on him, give the guy a break.

And even though nothing happened with a 3rd party this really irritated me:

The kid watched them, making eye contact with Skip, who wished he could see Paul’s face to find out if he was interested or not. For his own part, he wasn’t looking for anything else tonight, but he’d never pass up an opportunity for a nuclear blow job in a bathroom stall while his lover was fucking the guy who had his cock in his mouth.

And then the mom… OMG, where does she get a right to be mad at her son for how he handled things with Paul. That is their business.

So basically everyone acted like an ass in this book.

I would have DNF-ed, but I wanted to finish it so I could rant about it in my review…