First Contact

First Contact - Alex Gabriel 3.5 stars

There were a lot of things I really liked about this one. And I would gladly have given this 4 or 5 stars if it wasn’t for the ending. Because there was no ending.


- The guys were great. I loved Rick’s snarky remarks and the friendly banter between Rick and Jon.

Rick kneels down and leans against Messina’s leg. Like this is such a big thing? He can be cuddly and sexy and submissive. But when he looks up at Messina to try some smouldering, Messina’s watching him all wide-eyed and doubtful. (..)
“Uhm,” says Messina. “Not that your own special brand of aggressive submission isn’t entertaining, Delaney, but I’m afraid that you have flunked the test.”

- HOT HOT HOT BDSM times. Voyeuristic people pay attention!

He hooks a finger into the D-ring at Jon’s collar, and when he tugs, Jon lifts up and turns, straddles him in a single smooth movement. Jon’s mouth opens to him with no hesitation; Rick runs possessive hands down his back as they kiss, and Jon presses closer until he’s molded against Rick from chest to groin. Jon’s thighs tense around Rick’s waist and Jon pushes back into the touch, so Rick slides a hand up to the small of Jon’s back, slips underneath his waistband and onto bare skin.

- I loved that the taller Jon was submissive to the shorter Rick. No stereotyping, yay!
- I really got into the story and I would have loved to see how everything developed. The relationship, the being partners, the case they were working on, everything.

And that brings me to the dislikes:
- I didn’t like the fact that Rick let some other guy fuck Jon, even though Rick was still completely in control.
- This book ended in the middle of the story! Nothing is resolved. Not the case, not their relationship, nothing. I was just getting warmed up!


3.5 stars it is.