Winter Wolf

Winter Wolf - S.P. Wayne I liked this right up until 75%.

This book had the slowest burns of slow burns. When I got to 75% and still NOTHING happened, I started to get irritated. Up until that point I thought this would be a 4 star book.

Axton is a lone werewolf living alone in a cabin. He has been alone for years until he gets a new neighbor. Leander is kind and wants to be friends with Axton. But Axton doesn’t know how to do the social thing. (That was pretty cute)

Leander is only at the cabin for several weeks in the summer and in winter. But the two develop a deep friendship anyway. Axton just feels he can never let Leander know his two secrets, that he is gay and that he is a werewolf.


I couldn’t get a good feel for Axton in the first half of the book, but as the story progressed I started to really like him.

As I did Leander, right up until the point he does something very weird. Axton and Leander are trying to survive outside in a blizzard. When Axton finds Leander, he is asleep so Axton goes to sleep beside Leander in his wolf form to keep him warm.

Leander is shocked to find a wolf next to him when he wakes up. And here is where the crazy starts. Axton is no threat at all, he doesn’t attack Leander or makes any sudden moves and Leander grabs his knife and stabs Axton 3 times and then kicks him off the mountain!!

Euuh what??
Even when he thought it is a wolf, you don’t go around killing animals that are not attacking you…


When Leander finds Axton in human form he doesn’t suspect Axton is the wolf he just tried to kill. They go back to the cabin and Leander nurses Axton back to health.

After this there is some kissing, some sex, some manipulation (Leander has figured out Axton is a wolf, so he tries to get Axton to tell the truth by sexing him up), and some angst. This part was awful. Especially the manipulation. Leander was such a dick.


Once they start talking, the fact that Leander stabbed Axton with a knife repeatedly never comes up! If I were him I would have at least said sorry….


The GFY aspect of this story was terrible. Leander just decides to go gay for Axton. It was totally unnecessary for the story. They GFY could have been left out completely. But by that time I hated Leander and skipped the frotting. It wasn’t even hot.

There is a very tiny HFN at the end. No love declarations, nothing. They will just see each other in a few months.

This could have been so good! But it was awful and frustrated the hell out of me….