Sell Your Body to the Night

Sell Your Body to the Night - Dira Sudis 3.5 stars

I loved the whole Stiles as a prostitute thing. I can’t help it, I love my tortured characters!


And Derek as Stiles’ best paying customer! Oh yeah!


In this one Stiles is from Beacon Hills, and it turns out Derek and Stiles know each other vaguely from there. Derek is a werewolf, Laura is alive and Scott has never been bitten.

I was a bit underwhelmed by the reason Stiles turned to selling his body. It was pretty unrealistic, but okay… I went with it.

And I was pretty surprised by the talent this writer has for describing a scene that normally would have totally grossed me out. Yes, we are talking about watersports. But it was done really well. And I could understand it more because it was a wolf thing to do. It wasn’t that Stiles was totally on board with it, but he did it for Derek and it turned out okay.

There is also fisting, but yet again, it all felt so intimate. None of it felt incredibly kinky or over the top gross. It was sweet and tender actually. So don’t let these things stop you from reading this. Because I am not a big fan of these things, but I really enjoyed the book anyway.

My one major complaint was the ending. I wanted more. I felt like the book stopped too soon. I wanted more closure.