He Completes Me

He Completes Me - Cardeno C. I normally really like the sappy writing of Cardeno C. But I didn’t like this.

This is the story about Zach and Aaron.
Zach is a small, obviously gay, cheeky guy, and loves to go out clubbing and have sex with a different guy every night.

And Aaron, sweet sweet Aaron. Aaron is big, confident, yet not as experienced as Zach.

I would have thought Zach would be the guy I liked less. I mean, he was an asshole at times. And he actually cheats in a horrible way at the beginning of their relationship. But I must admit, I liked him, a lot. What he did was wrong, but I could get over it. Cheating is absolutely a no go for me, but it wasn’t my main problem with this book.

I really really disliked Aaron. He was such a doormat! He just wanted to love Zach and he would forgive him anything. Even cheating. He was so sweet I wanted to hurl.


I never felt his sexiness AT ALL. He just let everyone take advantage of him. And the crying… oh come on…. you are not a 12 year old girl. This quote is when Aaron and Zach have known each other for 2 days.

I was half-asleep when I felt his body shaking and heard him sniffling. He must have thought I was completely asleep, because he spoke quietly to himself as he clutched me and pulled me tighter against him. “ Please let me love you, Zach. Please just let me love you.”

This was a bit much, even for me.


And the way that Aaron immediately wanted to share everything with Zach (his money, his house)…. No, that is not a very healthy relationship in my book.

This was way too sweet for me, with an incredibly boring character who could not stand up for himself.