Walk With Me

Walk With Me - Cardeno C. 2,5 stars

I really liked how this book started out.

I thought nothing could go wrong with such a great premise. Seth, being a straight rabbi and Eli being the openly gay son of Seth’s boss. Eli, totally ready to seduce Seth and Seth being the mature and sensible one, turning him down.

I really liked Eli and his cheeky ways.

“ Remember him? ” He let go of his board, and it clunked on the ground. “ I still dream about him.” (..)
“ I’m not embarrassing him,” Eli said as he marched over to me. “ Embarrassing would be talking about what kinds of dreams they are.” (..)
“ I didn’t say they were dirty dreams.” He turned his head back around and locked his gaze with mine. “ But they were.”

I just love a guy who is so open and honest about his feelings.

Seth was nice too. A bit uptight at times, but overall, a nice guy. There were some funny moments with his weddings from hell. Pretty unrealistic, but fun nonetheless.

I was really hoping for some incredible UST, but I never really felt it. All I felt was Eli’s heart breaking because Seth was too stubborn to admit his own feelings, for years.
And when Seth finally did admit his feelings it was a bit too late for me. They had been friends for years at that moment and Seth never let Eli know anything. Eli was so unhappy in all his other relationships. My heart broke for him.

And after these guys get together, Eli is all of a sudden the more experienced one. He never had gay sex before, but all of a sudden he was a master in seduction and has sex like a gay porn star.


I didn’t buy it and I never really got into the rest of the book after that.

I just wanted something more..