Hung the Moon

Hung the Moon - BurnItAllClean 3.5 stars

All werewolves in this one, nu humans. Everyone can fully shift into a wolf.

This story starts with Derek and Stiles being 5 and 7 years old. It is clear from the start that these boys are meant to be together. Stiles is Derek’s Omega and Derek is Stiles’ Alpha.


But before the two of them can be together they have to overcome several problems. Stiles is still very young when his mom dies and he is in his teens when his dad dies as well. Being an Omega without a pack or an Alpha that has claimed him, makes Stiles fair game for the other werewolves. But Derek can’t claim him yet because they are too young.

Stiles is treated so poorly by everyone except the Hale pack for years that my heart wouldn’t stop bleeding for him.

I adoooooooooooooooored the love between Stiles and Derek. It was so beautiful. I haven’t come across that many writers who can write love like that.

Derek’s fingers moved down to his neck and Stiles tilted his head to the side in offering. It was an act of complete trust and submission in front of everyone. Derek didn’t hesitate to bury his face there, fitting his mouth over Stiles’s pulse, as his hands pushed between the robe to brush over every inch of Stiles’s skin. Still searching for injuries, but also simply touching because he knew he could. There wasn’t any part of Stiles that didn’t belong to Derek.


The one problem I did have was that I would have liked more time with them when everyone was content for a change. A little less drama and a bit more peace and quiet.