until we become something new

until we become something new - Spikedluv I have come to the conclusion that I like AU Sterek books better than the ones resembling the show, like this one.

I have to admit, werefox Stiles was supercute.


But in the storylines that resemble the show it usually takes a very long time for Stiles and Derek to get together. And most of the problems deal with pack stuff. I always feel like the romance is last on the list.

And in every single one of these stories Derek is putting off the sex either because he thinks Stiles is too young or because he doesn’t want to hurt him.
By the time I was at 50% I was a bit bored.

Stubborn Derek is no fun.
Well, at least he’s pretty.

Don’t worry, there is hot Sterek sex at the end. Took them long enough!

So it was good, but not really what I was in the mood for.