Damian's Discipline

Damian's Discipline - K.C. Wells, Parker Williams DNF at 50%

I’m not sure if it’s me or the book. I did like the other books in this series, but I didn't like the writing of this one. It could be that I’ve read so many books since then that I can’t enjoy this type of writing anymore.

The prologue is a couple of pages long and we don’t get eased into the story, the story is dropped on us. And it was so unrealistic that I wanted to DNF right then and there.

Let me sum up the things that bothered me.

Damien is a professional book reviewer. Euhm… wait… what? This is a paying job? Yeah, I don’t think so..

I’m guessing we would ALL apply if such a job existed.

And then Jeff.. I am the first one to admit I suffer from a knight-in-shining-armor-saves-hot-boy-who-needs-rescuing fetish. I really do. But this was so over the top, it was not realistic. All I wanted to do was kick Jeff’s butt.

And Damien, he was so stiff (no pun intended unfortunately).

And because of Jeff’s past, sex would have to wait. I never got to the sex parts. I don’t have a problem with a slow burner, I actually prefer it in my books, but I was kind of hoping some hot BDSM sex would save this book for me.
No such luck.


It does deserve a praise for the fact it is mentioned that Jeff has gonorrhea! Yay, finally a rentboy with an STD.

So nay for the story, yay for the gonorrhea!