Bad Boyfriend

Bad Boyfriend - K.A. Mitchell This started out really good, but lost a lot of its charm along the way..

Quinn has just been left by his lover, Peter, of 10 years because Peter has impregnated a woman and is supposedly not gay.


Peter’s family has always been Quinn’s as well. So when he gets invited to the baptism of Peter’s son, he knows he needs a date. When he spots Eli in a bar, he knows the sassy, over the top twink is perfect.

After spending a hot night together Eli agrees to be Quinn’s date. And he plays the part well.

“Quinn’s talking about taking me to Hawaii.”
Quinn choked on his ice water. He should have gotten a beer. “That’s—”
“You mean you wouldn’t be here for Christmas?” Claire was horrified.
“Well, it’s still up in the air,” Eli said.
Quinn turned a steady, threatening glare on him. Eli grinned back and continued. “We’re not sure. Everything’s so unsettled with civil unions and marriages.” Under a stream of excitement from Alyssa and Paula, Quinn heard Dennis choke out, “Marriage?” Quinn began to weigh the advantages of murder over suicide.

After this Quinn and Eli are in a sort of push and pull relationship.

There were parts I really liked. Eli and his smart mouth and Quinn and his need to protect Eli and care for him. There was also a daddy kink going on. And whereas I’m normally not a big fan, this was very well done. It wasn’t too much and therefore I enjoyed it, a lot.


But there were also a lot of parts I didn’t like.
The stupid ex, Peter and also his family. Because even though it is explained why Quinn won’t walk away from the family, I kept wishing he would.

I was also frustrated about the way Quinn and Eli communicated. Even the big I love you was terribly done.

“You’re not listening to me.”
“Oh, I’m hearing you really clearly. I wish I wasn’t.”
“I love you, Eli.”
A sharp stick punched the air from his diaphragm, and Eli felt his eyes go wide with shock. “You sure have a funny way of showing it. If you—then what the fuck is this all about?”
“Because I want you to be with me because you want to be. Not because you have to. Because you don’t have any other choice.”

And because not being able to communicate with each other is one of my main pet peeves, this gets 3 stars. I am not one for such a hot and cold relationship.