Just For You

Just For You - Jet Mykles 3.5 stars

This was good and I enjoyed it.

I loved how open Justin was about wanting Kevin, even though he thought Kevin was straight at that time.

“I've just fallen in love with you,” Justin declared, cradling his coffee cup to his chest as he kept hold on the vision's arm. “What is your name, and please tell me you're gay?”

When Kevin asks Justin to be his pretend boyfriend, Justin says yes. But it doesn’t take much time for Kevin to come around and totally embrace the gayness.


A bit farfetched and unrealistic, but okay, I just went with it.

The sex and sweet times were nice and I was really enjoying this right up until all the drama started at 80%. It didn’t last that long, so that was good. But it did lose half a star for it.

I have read in some reviews that there would be cheating, but I disagree. Victor kissed Justin while Justin had said no several times. Justin never felt anything with this kiss and he told Victor he loved Kevin. Justin never even participated in the kiss. He didn’t want it and told Victor this.

An enjoyable and sweet GFY with some angst at the end.