The Healing Touch

The Healing Touch - devilscut I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there was way too much sex in this book.

The first 40% was really good. We have Derek who has been injured by a spell so his skin hurts all over. Stiles is so kind as to take care of him.


The guys have amazing sex and they find out they’re each other’s mates.

But after that all they do is bang, hump, fornicate, mate, copulate, fuck, fool around, get down and dirty, shag, screw, bone, get nasty, pound. I think you get the picture.

And it was so slow. I mean, the penetration alone lasts 5 pages! I can understand getting a humongous dick inside a tiny ass (Stiles’ words) is a difficult thing, but… 5 pages.. come on, it is not a totem pole!


Other than this, it was a great book… Sweet, no angst.