Chance of the Heart

Chance of the Heart - Kade Boehme BR with my partner in crime Elsbeth.

A great first half with a disappointing last part.

We have sweet cowboy Chance who is just going through the motions in life. He has a steady girlfriend and he is supposed to take over the ranch of his parents. But he’s not really happy.

When his girlfriend suggests they take a break to figure things out before they get married, Chance has no idea what to do.

When he goes out, he ends up in a gay bar. It is there that he meets Bradley, an old high school friend. They end up in bed and have a great time together. They both want to continue seeing each other, but Chance is struggling with being gay/bi/straight and Bradley has sworn he would never date another closet case. But Chance just needs to figure out what the deal it with himself before coming out in any way.


I adored Chance, he was so sweet. And the fact he never realized he was gay, so naive, but cute! The fact that he almost never had sex with his girlfriend of 8 years never seemed weird to him. And when he did find out he was gay…

"He couldn’t remember a time kissing or being intimate with this girl that he didn’t feel just like he did now. Wrong. Dirty. It didn’t fit. He set her down, blinking at her. She tilted her head in confusion.
“Oh my God, I’m gay.”


Bradley was a bit more distant. I was having a hard time forming an opinion about him.

There are not a lot of hiccups in their way at first. The guys become friends and lovers. And the sex… hot damn!

“Damn,” he said, voice husky as he took in the sight of his lover. Chance was naked as the day he w as born, save for a pair of his fancy boots and his black Stetson.
Bradley growled as he took the first swing, smacking first one cheek, then the other. Chance groaned loudly and fell forward, head to Bradley ’s shoulder.
“Oh. Mother. Fuck. Shit.”

But I do hate it when books that go smoothly suddenly have all this drama around 75%. It really is not necessary. And that’s what happened here. Bradley cannot stand it that Chance is coming out of the closet slowly and Chance is tired of being forced by Bradley. I thought they were both acting like asses.

Nice cowboy read with some angst at the end.