Arctic Absolution

Arctic Absolution - Lynn Kelling DNF at 35%

I give up.
The writing didn’t work for me. And don’t get me started about the characters.

I’m supposed to believe the muscular trooper who was in an abusive relationship with his ex, didn’t break it off, but just walked away when the boyfriend was out of town, and now wants to dominate the ass of a formerly abused twink with mental problems?

And the twink, who went to jail at the age of 19, because he stabbed the person who kidnapped him from his home, stabbed him in the chest and was trying to rape him. Really??

Trooper Dixon was understanding about all the stuff that happened to Jaye at first, but then he says something like this to totally ruin it for me:

"I’m telling you now, sex has always been something that I take or is taken from me. That’s how I work. I like it rough and I like to switch. Fair warning. I want you to think about that.”

So what, Jaye is just supposed to get over his issues and take it??

Just…. No.