Dirty Secret

Dirty Secret - Rhys Ford Audio book. Narrator: Greg Tremblay.

I am so in love with Cole and Jae-Min.

I often have trouble reading more books about the same couple. A lot of times I feel like the chemistry is gone somehow.

But not with Cole and Jae-Min! Their romance kept me glued to my seat. And with Cole’s snarky comments and the times he could get himself shot.. this book kept me entertained!

The whole case was a bit confusing and all the Korean names did not make it better, but in the end I didn’t care who actually did it. Cole and the way he was trying to solve the case was just so much fun to read about.


And when there is a lot of things going on in a story, I often have the feeling the romance needs to take a backseat. We get short sex scenes and not a lot of romance. So glad that is not the case with these guys! It’s not like they are fucking like bunnies, but damn, the sex scenes were off the chart HOT!
They. Broke. The. Bed.


So anyone looking for a great M/M series with a lot of humor, read this.