The Truth about Riley

The Truth about Riley - Henrietta Clarke Re-read April 21 2015
Re-read July 18 2015

I cannot get enough of this book.


This was simply beautiful.


I love it when my books have more character than plot. Make the characters interesting enough and I want to crawl inside and live in it.

Riley is so lonely he calls the number of an ad for phone sex. Cameron is the one who answers, but it turns out his number was listed as a prank from his ex.

It turns out the guys hit it off anyway and they start calling each other regularly. After calling each other every day for several weeks, it is clear they are both attracted to each other, even though they have yet to meet.

Because Riley was scarred by a fire 3 years ago, he feels too insecure about the scars on his face to meet Cameron. Cameron keeps trying to convince Riley that he thinks Riley is beautiful no matter what he looks like.


But what Riley and Cameron don’t know is that they have been seeing each other from a distance for some time now. And Cameron cannot get the cute scarred blond he keeps seeing at the coffee shop out of his mind.

Riley was incredibly sweet. So insecure about his looks, but damn, he was a funny guy! I loved the conversations between Riley and Cam. Not once was I bored.

And Cameron, I loved how patient he was with Riley. He was willing to wait forever if necessary.


When the guys do meet it is without Cameron seeing Riley. It was so incredibly romantic.

“Do I get a goodnight kiss?” Cam asked finally, voice low and full of hope.
“Close your eyes,” Riley murmured. Their breaths were intermingling as their lips inched closer and closer, finally brushing together just barely enough to convince Cam that this was really happening. His hand went to Riley’s back, pulling his man closer, and he deepened the kiss just slightly. His cheeks were damp, and he didn’t know if the tears were his or Riley’s. Riley’s lips were moving against his again, forming words. “Don’t give up on me. Please.” A thumb brushed across his cheek, swiping at the moisture there, and then his arms were empty before his reflexes could kick in to hold Riley there forever. Their hands parted last, arms outstretched in true movie style, and when Riley let go, Cam could almost feel his heart ache with the loss.
“Never,” he whispered.

It does take some time for them to finally meet, so if you are the impatient kind, beware. Because they talked on the phone all the time, it was never a problem for me.

The end was rather abrupt and I was a bit surprised, but I was so happy to read this:

. . . for now. Look for the continuation of Riley and Cam’s story in early 2014

That was until I realized it was already 2015.
Still waiting for that sequel...