Fish and Ghosts

Fish and Ghosts - Rhys Ford I give up at 60%

Audio version. Narrated by Tristan James.
I liked his voice, but wasn’t that impressed with how he did the voices for the men. They were pretty much all the same. That was a problem during a sex scene where I had no idea who said what and it was like someone was having sex with himself.

I can’t seem to get into the story.
I knew Rhys Ford has a tendency to write flowery prose, but this is too much even for me.

There was a rich smokiness to the blond’s words, a slow slide of intelligence and sin, as if God took his time carving out a shard of golden moonlight and decided to use it for Tristan’s voice instead.

It was as if someone poured a drop of a silvery-lit night onto his tongue, and Wolf was afraid to swallow, in case he never had the taste of stars in his mouth ever again.

Right… can we just get on with the BJ?

I didn’t realize my hands were so cold. Want me to warm them up?”
“Just on me,” Tristan replied softly.“ ’Cause I’m a little bit too warm, I think.”


And I have a feeling there were times where things were supposed to be funny, but were really not. Especially not during a sex scene.

“Hold on,” Wolf murmured. “Forgot something.”
“What?” Tristan frowned and looked at the condom, lube, and other sundry surprises from the hotel’s packets laid out next to him. “What else do we need? What else is there that we need ”
“Tea parties. Wait, no, that’s what life’s about. Wrong answer,” Wolf said.

The rest was just blahblahblah.