Hard Fall

Hard Fall - James Buchanan 3.5 stars

Nice. Very nice.

The writing took some getting used to at first. For the first few pages I had no idea what was going on, but I got used to it and after that it was fine.

Even though religion plays a big part in the story, it wasn’t as overwhelming as I’ve read in other books. I am not a big fan of this aspect, so that was a huge relief.

Joe is a Mormon, absolutely. He lives it, he wears the underwear, he feels it in his heart. But he has never denied being gay to himself and once it is out in the open, he doesn’t deny it. He doesn’t take it out on Kabe, like other characters I’ve read about in other m/m books where religion plays a big part. Joe just goes with it. He knows he will be excommunicated by his church, so he leaves before they can do this.


I really admired Joe. He was so kind to everyone, but wasn’t a pushover. He just had this big heart and wanted everyone to love each other, even though he got a lot of hate thrown at him when people found out he was gay.

There is instant attraction between Joe and Kabe and after Kabe challenges Joe to do something about that attraction, Joe does.

And holy shit, when Joe dominates Kabe ass… It was great! Be warned, we have spanking! And what a good spanking it was.


This was a really sweet story with some minor kink going on. I do hope the guys will explore this even more in the next book. Because it was HOT! The tying up, the spanking, oh yeah, that is my cup of tea.


I don’t care, give me the spanking!

Definitely worth a read.