Wolfe and His Bunny

Wolfe and His Bunny - Susan Laine Re-read May 14th. BR with Karen and Elsbeth.
Yep, still enjoyed it. Great cheesy read.

3.5 stars

This book has a rating of 3.10, so this book must be terrible, right? Well, I wanted to read about a bunny shifter anyway so I decided to ignore the rating and just go for it. And I liked it!

Yes, this book is super cheesy, yes it is filled with rabbit and wolf puns. Euh… what would you expect with a wolf and bunny pairing?? I was totally okay with this. I expected nothing less of this book.

This book was cute, people!

Then he heard a most curious sound. A soft nasal oink, almost inaudible. And it came from Peter. Wolfe stared, enraptured. Was that a bunny sex noise?

Peter is a cute sassy bunny and Wolfe is a big bad wolf with a big heart.


Not a lot happens in this book. Wolfe sees his mate in a crowd and is surprised it is indeed a bunny shifter. Peter is way more shocked than Wolfe to find out his mate is a wolf. He needs some time to adjust to this.

But of course the two get over their differences with hot smoking sex. Fiiiiiine by me!