How to Repair a Mechanical Heart

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart - J.C. Lillis BR with Elsbeth, Marte, Julie, Marco, Momo, Nathan and Sonia.

DNF at 70%


It’s not a bad book, really. I’m just so not in the mood for this.
There’s not a lot of romance going on, or perhaps just not enough for my current mood.

Brandon got on my nerves. He was not a very nice person. I could understand his insecurities, and I could forgive him one outburst because of it, but he was being mean and picking fights with Abel for an entire week. He was just acting stupid and I had a hard time liking him.

Abel was not on my favorites list either. Example of a part later on in the book. Not a massive spoiler, but in spoiler tags just in case people feel it would spoil anything.

I mean, the guy you love is feeling insecure in his virginity (who wouldn’t) and he acts like an insensitive prick about it.

“I’ve never done this.”
“Showered in boxers?”
“Been naked … with someone.”
“Well, obviously. However, when you said let’s take a shower, I naively assumed— ”
“I know I know!” I draw my arms across my bare chest. “I’m sorry. I felt great and then … It’s new. You know?”
“Look, if you want to wait more— ”
“I don’t.”
“But maybe you’re too— ”
“No! No, listen.” I shove my wet hair off my forehead. I can’t screw this up.

I did like the conventions they went to and the way they talked about their favorite show.

But when I don’t really like the characters, I’m not in the mood for a fade-to-black sex scene. I decided to just stop because I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t get any better.

I just didn’t feel it anymore.