Chasing Seth

Chasing Seth - J.R. Loveless 3.5 stars

Now this was some awful writing!
Let me tell you guys my favorite parts.

Kasey is native American and racist as fuck. But that’s okay, because you know, all white people are bad bad men.

There are werewolves. And because werewolves are magic, their clothes also magically disappear when they shift and appear when shifting back.
*whines* Why would the author do that??? It is not necessary for my guys to wear clothes. I am FINE with them running around naked. At least then we would have some of this.

Or better yet, this.

What’s not to like?
But fine, they wear clothes. Party poopers.

I was also pretty surprised about the fact that these guys use NO LUBE AT ALL. Ouch.

Even though Seth was a rape victim and Kasey was his first after that.

And the big love declaration…

“I love you too,” Seth said thickly.
“I’m sorry it took me so long to say it.”

Yes, Seth, what were you thinking, waiting a WHOLE WEEK after meeting Kasey.

This book is also filled with terms like, the older man, his pup, the sheriff, his fragile mate. But my all-time favorite is this one:

Needing to see the evidence of his pup’s desire for him, he pulled the sheet away from them both and lifted up enough to see the weeping staff.

Am I the only one thinking of Harry Potter while reading this?

And now, the plot. The plot made absolutely no sense at all. I had a feeling the author just made it up as she went along. But that’s okay.

It was fluffy goodness and I liked it!