Lead Me Home

Lead Me Home - Circe6 4.5 stars

Sterek in a post apocalyptic world, oh yeah!

This was some awesome world building. Can be read by non-Sterek readers as well.

I had some trouble getting into this one at first. For the first half I was a bit puzzled as to how this would end up. Especially after the scene ‘that will not be mentioned’. But OHMYGOD, the second half totally made up for it. It was awesome!

The world as we know it has ended. There are werewolf, humans, witches and chimeras. All enemies of each other. Each stays with their own. Lydia and Stiles have been traveling for over a year to try to find their dad. Their magic is bound and Stiles is blind due to a curse.

They come across a wounded Derek and decide to capture him to sell him. Of course Stiles is very Stiles, so he talks to Derek, a lot. Stiles finds out Derek is not that bad.

A lot of action in the second half. Also sex and KNOTTING! Yep, all the good stuff.

I’m thinking of making a shrine for Circe6 and her work. She has the ability to make each and every Sterek nothing like the other. So very talented.