Saudade - Circe6 Re-read August 18 2015

BR with my girl Tara


Super cute!

In this one Derek is an artist suffering from depression. When he wishes he didn’t have to be alone for the holidays, his sculpture S'tiles, comes to life.

There were some very funny moments. I especially loved Stiles’ pet Darain.

"Ah no - no the drain isn't my pet Stiles."
"Darain..." Stiles murmurs, suddenly jumping down from the counter and grabbing Derek's biceps, "Can Darain be my pet?!"
"W-what?" Derek frowns in bewilderment. "Please!" Stiles shouts, "I'll be a responsible pet owner I promise!"
" want to adopt the garbage disposal unit?" Derek stammers.

Very funny.

One thing surprised me though.
Because Stiles had to be educated in about everything I was very surprised to see that there was no explanation about sex whatsoever. Stiles has no idea what ice skating is, but he appears to know everything about sex. It would have been nice if there was at least some talk about it, with Stiles being new to everything in life.

Still, this was a very fluffy, funny Sterek that gave me the warm fuzzies.