Rabbiting On

Rabbiting On - Circe6 Highschool Sterek. All humans, no werewolves.
Dual POV.

Scott is Derek’s younger brother and Stiles is Scott’s best friend. The boys grow up together in Beacon Hill’s Home for Boys.

When Derek is 16 and Scott and Stiles 14, they get adopted. Stiles is adopted by sheriff John Stillinski. Derek and Scott by gay couple, Chris and Peter (Oh My God, Chris and Peter together. Yes, why didn’t I picture this match before??).
I can so see them doing the nasty… UNF.

When Derek is 18 and Stiles 16, something starts to change. Derek can no longer deny that Stiles has indeed grown up.

Derek and Stiles are both in denial about their love for each other. But when they do finally admit their feelings… BOOM, smexy times (at the end)!