Absent-Minded Astrophysicist

Absent-Minded Astrophysicist - T.N. Tarrant DNF at 60%

The writing in this was bad.

I was annoyed at the way the author was constantly telling us things instead of showing.

The things that most irritated me:
- We have Liam and his ‘condition’ (it is said he doesn’t have a condition, but he clearly does). I am all for the shy, absent-minded young guys, but this was ridiculous.

- What was with Jareth and his dead husband? Let me tell you, one year is not enough time to get over the person you were married to for six years. One year is an incredibly short time. And Jareth was all, oh I’m over it and want to move on.


- Liam was hit in the face and of course it was with brass knuckles. He lost consciousness for a long time and the gash in his cheek was so severe he needed surgery. He also got an infection after this and he spent a week in the hospital. This was so over the top, it was ridiculous.

- I love cats, I truly do. But the relationship Liam had with his cat was pretty unhealthy. The cat was never alone! He had a cat sitter and he took the cat everywhere. Let me tell you, cats don’t like to be carried around in a carrier and to be constantly taken everywhere.

I stopped reading at 60%.