Here For You

Here For You - Skylar M. Cates Meh… just very very meh..

We meet bartender Cole. He lives with his 4 roommates who he considers his brothers. He is also majorly crushing on Ian, his roommate Brendan’s boss. But because he knows his roommate Brendan is totally in love with Ian, he never acts on his attraction to the man.

That is until something awful happens. It brings Cole and Ian closer together and the attraction is no longer denied.


Cole must find a way to deal with his grief, to keep his ‘family’ together and to deal with his feelings for Ian as well. But Ian is not one to give up and he is just there for Cole, always.

I liked Cole. He was sweet, snarky and my heart broke for him after the tragedy. But I never warmed up to Ian. He was just a bit too correct for my taste. He bored me a little. I admired his determination to make Cole his, but other than that he was just there, nothing more.

I did like the fact that these guys talked to each other. Their relationship was not all hearts and flowers, and there were fights, but they talked it out as adults. None of the angry miscommunication stuff I hate so much.

This book was just a tad too boring for me. I was awakened from my slumber by a very short spanking scene, but it was too short for me too really get into it.

Not a bad book, just not the book for me.