Witness - L.A. Gilbert I have absolutely no idea what this title is all about. I have been trying to come up with an explanation for it, but nothing comes to mind…. Is it me or is it weird?


Prepare for major fluff! This book is one of the fluffiest I’ve ever read. Is it cheesy? Oh yes. Did I like it? Oh yes!


I know this book is anything but perfect. It was way too cheesy at times and it had my eyes rolling a lot. Still liked it though.

Not much of a story. We have Reece, a cute bike messenger and Ben, a cop. They meet, they fall in love. That’s about it. But between the over the top one-liners and massive amounts of sex, there was a sweetness I just couldn’t resist.


Yes, the writer was trying way too hard to be funny at times, but I decided to ignore that. Reece was cute, Ben was sweet, and I kind of fell for the big cop and the smaller bike messenger.

Don’t read it if you want something with depth. You won’t find it here.