Straight Shooter (Rear Entrance Video #3)

Straight Shooter (Rear Entrance Video #3) - Heidi Belleau BR with Elsbeth

This book was a bit strange. I was expecting it to be weird shit weird, and therefore funny, but unfortunately it wasn’t. I didn’t really mind though. It was okay.

Austin is a dick to people. He has trouble accepting the fact that 3 of his roommates are gay and that Bobby is now wearing women’s clothing every once in a while. But even though Austin acts like a dick, he is not a bad person.

Austin just has trouble accepting himself. He gets turned on by degrading comments about him being gay. He pops a boner every time someone calls him a faggot. Austin is a (straight) hockey player, and the team is used to calling each other sissy, pussy or faggot. He is getting real tired of the fact that he can’t seem to control his dick.


I really felt for Austin. He just didn’t know what to do. He was sure he was straight. Guys didn’t do it for him. But guys treating him like dirt…. oh yes…. that got him horny.

Austin works in a gay video store and it is there he meets Liam. Or Master Puck, like he is called in his videos. Master Puck’s specialty on camera is forcing straight guys to have sex with him. And that is just what Austin needs…

I really enjoyed reading about Austin’s development. He went from hating himself to accepting that it was okay to want things, sexually. And that not everyone is either straight or gay. You can be anything you’d like.

What I didn’t like was the relationship. I wanted Austin to get involved with Liam. I wanted Liam to show Austin that it is okay to be submissive. And that did all happen, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. Liam wasn’t sure what Austin wanted so he tried several things Austin didn’t like and Austin safeworded several times. I could have gone without that. It felt Liam was just a bit too needy and insecure to be the Dom Austin needed.


Also the push and pull of the relationship tired me. Just when everything was going great something happened and they got into a fight, again.

So in the end it wasn’t the weird sex scenes that made me like the book less. Because other than the occasional weird term that was thrown around (faggot, boy pussy, cocksucker), the sex was not that weird. It’s BDSM, yes, but it wasn’t very strange or without emotion.

If the angst within the relationship had been left out I would have liked this book way more. Because Austin’s road to self-discovery was kind of beautiful.