Johnnie - Cardeno C. Audio version (and it’s SO good).

Narrator: Greg Tremblay


I really loved this one. It was way sweeter than I expected (I mean, helloooo, lion shifters). But of course it’s Cardeno C, so I son’t know how I could have ever doubted this book would be anything but sugary sweet.


This book was different than any other shifter book I’ve read, because there are no humans in it. These lions don’t live with humans, they don’t think like humans, they are lion shifters and therefore absolutely not human.

Hugh is the pride’s premier. He is almost a century old and he is very successful in leading his pride.


When premiers grow older they have trouble wielding their power. They need a Siphon. A Siphon stores the premiers power and has to be close to him at all times. Siphons are very rare and Hugh is lucky he has one. Not that he has ever noticed him.

Hugh only notices his Siphon when that Siphon tries to kill himself one night. And with him Hugh and the entire pride. Because a premier dies without his Siphon and the pride dies without its premier.

It is then Hugh realizes he knows nothing about the man who has been his Siphon for the past 10 years. It becomes clear that the Siphon has never been treated as a fellow lion. No one ever speaks to the Siphon, and he doesn’t even have a name. Hugh slowly finds out that life has been very tough for Johnnie, as he calls the Siphon now.

Johnnie has been ignored his entire life. He only knows depression. But all of that changes when Hugh finally notices him…

This story is very low angst and you might want to bring out the toothbrush before starting.


I liked reading about the pride and how they have almost no contact with humans. Hugh is the premier and takes care of everyone.

Lions don’t have the same view on relationships as humans. They don’t do relationships. Everyone kind of lives together, eat together, have sex together.

I loved how Hugh went from a regular lion shifter (having sex with everyone and everything) to being in a loving relationship with Johnnie. Lions are supposedly horny 24/7, so I was a little worried, but there is no cheating in this book.

I even liked the dick with spines sex! Different, but hot anyway. It wasn’t as weird as I expected it to be and the spines only made an appearance at 70% of the book. It wasn’t quite such a big deal as I thought it would be.

Very sweet, low angst story about lion shifters. Very typical Cardeno C.