A Better Man

A Better Man - Jaime Reese BR with Els

I read this a year ago. And gave it 2.5 stars… I must have had a very bad day when I read this then, because I loved it now!!


I really love the writing in this series. I don’t know how to explain it other than it feels comfortable.

I loved Matt and Julian. I liked how they got to know each other before anything really happens between them. This had a nice slow burn going on.

Matt has been in prison for the past 5 years for embezzlement. He was covering for his brother, but decided to take the fall for him. Now that he is out, he wants to build a halfway house for people like him. He wants ex-cons to have a place to go.

He hires handyman Julian to fix up the property he’s bought. The two become really close in the next couple of months, but Matt still hasn’t told Julian about his prison time…

I loved how there was the potential for extreme drama and angst, but that the author decided to keep it to a minimum. These guys talk it out pretty fast.


I loved reading about Matt and Julian again and I still can’t believe I didn’t like it more on my first read. This is a perfect example of how my mood influences how I like my books. Sometimes you just have to try again.



Original review

2.5 stars

This series definitely has a lot of potential. I am very curious about the next book. Because the writing was not bad. I just never connected to either Matt or Julian.


Matt was such a flat character. I had such a hard time liking him. He was just so meh. Julian was more to my liking, but he couldn’t save the story for me.

Julian starts working for Matt when he desperately looking for a job. Matt is trying to build a halfway house for ex-cons. He has been in prison himself for 5 years and knows how important it is that you have somewhere to go after being released. Of course Matt doesn’t tell Julian this important part of his past. Insert angsty conflict here. But the guys do work it out eventually.


This book concentrates on the tentative friendship these men develop, the love that follows and the problems Matt has with his family. This all sounds like a really good book, but to me it was quite boring.


I hope the next book will be better.