Settle Down

Settle Down - whatthehale, Wearing_Tearing Re-read December 28 2015
I love this Sterek. Perfect comfort read after a long day.

4.5 stars

This was so sweet. So incredibly fluffy. I loved it!


Stiles is an omega (not a wolf) and needs money. Surrogacy looks like the best idea. He gets to help an Alpha get a baby and he gets money and a place to stay during the pregnancy.

Derek wants a baby, so he ends up at a surrogacy agency. The boys meet and it is lust at first sight. They agree to make a baby the old fashion way during Stiles heat week (oh yeah, LOTS of hot sex!). After that Stiles will be living with Derek for 9 months and will then leave.

But of course the boys fall in loveā€¦

I just went along with the male pregnancy, Stiles going into labor and the lactating.