This is Ridiculous

This is Ridiculous - Zosofi Stiles is being chased by an evil unicorn. Oh yeah!


This unicorn is killing virgins. Of course he wants Stiles. The rest of the gang knows someone who is willing to help Stiles with that. But Stiles is adorably oblivious.

"Last night?" Lydia suddenly looks interested. "You were together last night? I thought you—"
"I went over for the research," Derek grunts.
"Oh, right," Isaac says. "The research." He brings out the air quotes, and Stiles is suddenly confused. "Am I missing something?" he asks. "Because I feel like I'm miss—"
"Yes, you are." Erica nods. "But let's talk about how we're going to throw you in front of a murderous unicorn, instead."

Eventually Stiles finds out his attraction to Derek is mutual. Smexy times happen. Good smexy times. Oh and there is unicorn killing somewhere in between I think, and did I mention the smexy times?