The Pack or the Panther

The Pack or the Panther - Tara Lain 2.5 stars

Not really what I expected.

Yes, this is a shifter story and there is some mate stuff going on that I liked, but it was also a bit inconsistent.

Cole is a wolf shifter and the son of the alpha. He is also gay, but according to his father there is no such thing as a gay werewolf.

“Give it a break, son. There’s no such thing as a gay werewolf. Why do you think you’re gay?”
Cole walked a step toward his father. “I like men. I want to stick my cock in men’s asses. How much gayer do I need to be to convince you?”

His father arranges for him to marry the daughter of another pack so they can form an alliance. But Cole is more interested in his new bride’s cocky brother. When Cole’s fiancé runs away, the pack needs to come up with another way to bind the two packs.

I liked Cole. I loved the fact that he was a very powerful shifter and he could fight, but was also shy and stuttered when talking in groups.

I had a harder time liking Paris. He was just a tad too cocky for my taste. He pursued Cole when he was still engaged to Paris’ sister. But when they needed to get married, he ran. He came back, but I didn’t understand why he was suddenly all on board with the plan their parents came up with.

And I also had a hard time believing that true mates existed, but Cole didn’t recognize Paris as such. He realized that it must be true near the end of the book. I like it way more when they recognize the scent of their true mates when they meet. How else are you able to know that the one you have fallen for is indeed your true mate? It was confusing.

And don’t get me all started on the phrases used in this book. I will just refer to Rosa’s review. She collected most of the wonderful prose.

Nice shifter story, but not nice enough.