Rough Canvas

Rough Canvas - Joey W. Hill DNF at 15%

I can’t take it anymore.
I am all for a good BDSM relationship, but sometimes I feel like the Dom is just cruel. There is a fine line between being a good Dom and being abusive.

I really disliked Marcus. He doesn’t want to see Thomas reach his full potential, he wants to control him.

I still wanted to give this one a try, but after reading this I gave up.

“Take my cock and suck it back to life. Then I’m going to fuck you again. When you’ve made me come three times in your ass and three times in your mouth, when your jaw is aching and your ass feels like I’ve given you an enema with Tabasco sauce, then I’ll let you come.

Did I mention he didn’t use condoms or lube?
This is not only cruel, but the author also expects me to believe that Marcus can come 6 times in a couple of hours and still be able to get it up? Wow, sexual superpowers!


Not the book for me.


Yes Derek, I need me some Sterek now.