The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory - Jordan Castillo Price 4.5 stars

I really really liked this one. And I wasn’t sure I would. I wasn’t too thrilled about Meatworks, and after hearing that there wasn’t a lot of romance I was very hesitant to start this.

So happy to have BR-ed this with girls Gaby, Elsbeth and Bucletina.

When I read the blurb this reminded me of one of my favorite movies, Memento. Not to know if something is real or not... awesome! While it wasn’t that bad (or confusing) in the book, I loved it every time Daniel was questioning whether something was real or not.


I think one of the main reasons for me to like this book was how much I liked Daniel. The first half of this story we get a good feel for him and his work as a mnemographer. I loved the concept of giving people a ‘memory’ to make them feel better.


And even though there was almost no romance in the first 65%, it made up for that in the last 35%.

Elijah. What can I say about Elijah. I LOVED him. And the fact that JCP decided to write an MC with autism made my inner psychologist do a happy dance.


Oh, I’m almost forgetting Larry! Larry was priceless. He reminded me of Larry from Groundhog Day. Socially awkward with his heart in the right place.


The humor in this was also great. It was the subtle kind I love so much.

Calling in sick, according to Larry, was something the guys on the day shift did all the time. He even offered to do it for both of us so I didn’t feel bad. This was a big relief, until I heard the excuse Larry gave the girl at the desk: explosive diarrhea. Both of us.

Not your standard M/M romance, but definitely worth a read. Can’t wait to read the other 2 books in this awesome series.