The Silver Lining of Smog

The Silver Lining of Smog - Circe6 Building an entire world in the first 4 pages.. I am impressed. Because that is what Circe6 did. After reading only 4 pages I completely understood the world she put Derek and Stiles in.

Set in a dystopian world where everyone is a shifter of some kind and where droids roam the streets to enforce the rules made by the Argents, who rule the city.

This is told entirely from Derek’s POV and therefore felt darker than most Stereks. Derek is 19 and been on the streets since his family was killed in a fire. Since he is one of the few wolf shifters left, Peter, a drug lord, takes him in. Derek runs drugs, get new kids for Peter and does what is necessary to survive.

When he stumbles upon a werefox who is chased by droids, he delivers him to Peter. The boy, Stiles, will probably be working the streets in no time. But Derek can’t seem to get him out of his mind.

When Derek is engaged in cage fighting instead of drug running, he knows he must win, or die. When he wins his first fight he gets a price. He picks a night with Stiles. To protect him. It is clear that Stiles is not a street kid like Derek thought. Derek must do everything in his power to protect him.

What a story.. and all of this in only a 100 pages! This is one very talented writer.

A fast-paced fanfic with Sterek sex at the end.