Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not - Jordan Castillo Price BR with Elsbeth, Gaby and Bucletina

4.5 stars

This book was incredible.
The story of Daniel and Elijah continues, through Elijah’s eyes this time. I loved his POV. This second book concentrates on Elijah and not a lot on the whole mneming business.

It’s not easy, writing a character with autism. I think JCP nailed it with Elijah. His confusion about some things, it felt so real. The way he perceives the world, I was completely in awe with him. His mind, sometimes so simple, sometimes so complicated.


He is very aware of the fact that he perceives things differently than other people. So he tries to compensates. He has learned how to interact with people by following certain rules. Even though those rules are not really that necessary when he is with Daniel. I liked that.

I could also understand Daniel being a bit weary for all that Elijah and being with him entails. Even though I loved Elijah’s take on their relationship.

”It’s everything else I’m worried about. It’s just so damn complicated.” Daniel said.
“Not really.” Not any more than everything else was complicated.


What did annoy me to no end was how some people treated Elijah. How his therapist immediately jumped to the wrong conclusion about Elijah’s relationship with Daniel. And don’t get me started on his ex-wife. She treated him like a child, I wanted to strangle her.

It almost never happens to me that the end of a book sneaks up on me. I am always aware of how many pages I have left. But not here. I was so engrossed in the story that I was completely taken by surprise when I had reached the end.

So happy there is still one book left.