Words Alone

Words Alone - SnowshadowAO3 Quite good, but I did feel as if I were missing some things.
Some things were described in one sentence. I don’t like it when that happens.

Like this.

The next few days are all rushing around, working with Scott as things go to hell. He’s pissed that they threw a party in his loft and he isn’t prepared for the sudden attacks by hooded figures, but he uses the anger and adrenaline to power him through.

And this made no sense to me.

Turns out that things are even more complicated and twisted than they thought. Derek saves Chris Argent and then tries to kill him, and he can’t imagine how Stiles is managing to stay sane if he always feels as out of control as Derek does when the flies possess him.

It could also be that I’m halfway through S3 of TW and this fic takes place after that.

Overall an enjoyable fic, but don’t expect fluff. This one is dark.