Carry the Ocean

Carry the Ocean - Heidi Cullinan Re-read March 19 2016

Still so good.

Wow. This was awesome!

I especially LOVED how it was emphasized over and over again that there is no normal. That is so true! What is normal? No such thing exists. Everyone is different, some just more than others.


Emmet, autistic. Jeremey, depressed. And they were so good for each other.

Emmet is autistic, he is also brilliant. When he sees his new neighbors he just knows he has to get to know Jeremey. Jeremey, who looks so sad all the time. They immediately hit it off and it is not long before they are best friends. Jeremey has no trouble with Emmet and his autism and Emmet doesn’t understand why people would have a problem with Jeremey and his depression and anxiety. It is just a part of who they are.


Of course their road is not without trouble, and especially Jeremey’s parents are trying everything in their power to sabotage the relationship. But Emmet and Jeremey are so right for each other, there is no one that can stop them from being together.


I have to admit there was a point halfway in the book where I wasn't sure Jeremey would ever be okay. But just when I was starting to drown in the depression that was Jeremey, David happened. Wonderful, wonderful David. David is paralyzed after a car accident and can only move his head and his left arm a little. He was just what Emmet and Jeremey needed. Something to spice things up a bit. I loved how their friendship developed after the rocky start.

And the Blues brothers dancing scene in Target, wow, just wow. Emmet, Jeremey, David, they were awesome! I loved it.

This is one of those books that will stay with me for a long time.

Like I said. I’m awesome. I’m Emmet David Washington. Train Man. The best autistic Blues Brother on the block.