Chestnut Kisses

Chestnut Kisses - Unloyal_Olio This fic has 2 versions. It starts with the story in experimental format and that’s the one I read. I had no idea that there was a normal format at the end. I would have liked it better if I read the normal one. But this format also gave it a different feel, not all that bad.

This was a very sweet high school Sterek, told from Derek’s POV. Stiles is human and Derek and his family are werewolves.

Derek is the popular jock and Stiles is the nobody people make fun of. Derek doesn’t want to be popular, he simply doesn’t care.

It all starts with a kissing game at a party.
Derek was broody, Stiles was clumsy and sweet.


If you are going to read it, I would recommend starting in the middle, at the start of the story in normal format.