Jurisdiction (Jurisdiction, #1-3)

Jurisdiction (Jurisdiction, #1-3) - elisera 3.5 stars

2 parts in the sheriff’s POV and the last part from Derek’s.

Good Sterek, but the writing was a bit confusing. Every new chapter started in the middle of a scene. I had to figure out where we were in the story a lot.

Stiles has been beat up by his boyfriend. The sheriff and Derek are on the same side with this one and pay the boyfriend a visit. This was a great scene!


Then we get Stiles and Derek pining for each other until the sheriff tells them to just get it on.

After they get together Stiles and Derek tell the sheriff something he never expected…


“You’re pregnant,” he says and Stiles starts nodding hard enough John is surprised his head isn’t coming off. “From Derek, who’s a werewolf.”
“Yes!” Stiles says and John nods to himself as he gets up and walks towards the front door. “Dad? Dad, where are you going?”
“Relax, Stiles. Just getting my shotgun.”

And we have some sweet sexy Sterek times in the final part.