Behind Iron Lace

Behind Iron Lace - Mercy Celeste BR with the wonderful Alissa

DNF at 38%

I was prepared for a big chunk of cheesiness and some bad writing. What I got was even more terrible and I couldn’t continue without pulling my hair. And I want to keep my hair, thank you.


Some writers have the ability to make everything flow nicely. Liking riding a wave, just relax and enjoy the ride. Not this writer. Everything felt wrong. My main problem was the conversations. It felt like people just threw words at each other. It was confusing. Often things were said and I was, huh, what? Why would you say that?

"There's a hawk or something up there," he said, shading his eyes as he looked skyward.
"Looks like a hawk. It's probably fishing, or waiting for a rabbit to dart out of the underbrush." The bird was pretty high up, but it didn't move, instead it cocked its head to one side and looked down at them. "Come on, Darcy, before the hawk thinks you're what's for dinner."

No idea why there is all this talk about a hawk. It didn’t feel natural for them to be talking about this all of a sudden.

The book was filled with this kind of events. It takes a special kind of skill to be able to write great conversation. The Truth About Riley is such a book. That book rests solely on (phone) conversations. Very very admirable. But not this one.

There are so many great books out there, I don’t like reading a book I don’t enjoy. On to the next!