Knight of Ocean Avenue

Knight of Ocean Avenue - Tara Lain This was quite weird.

Billy is a 25 year old construction worker. Big on the outside, but so incredibly gentle on the inside. He has dated his fair share of women, but none of them got his heart beating faster. He just went with what was expected of him.

Well, all of that changes when he meets Chase ‘Shaz’ Philips. The flaming queen makes Billy question his sexuality. Billy just never thought about being either straight or gay. But after meeting the obviously gay stylist Billy knows he wants him.


Billy’s character was wonderful. So sweet, so gentle. And Shaz, a total flaming queen, he was awesome. I did feel as if the relationship could have used a little more depth in the second half. The two didn’t know each other that well before the I-love-yous were flying around.

This story is just one of those feel-good stories. But I have no idea why the author suddenly went the wrong way every time a sex scene came up.

Here we go.

Muscles worked over Billy’s cockhead, stirring the pot of boiling cum in his balls.

Pot of boiling cum?

He reached behind Billy and pressed his fingers into Billy’s steaming buns.

Steaming buns? Really?

“Oh, oh! It’s a good thing I’m handy with tools, because you’re a jackhammer.”

Oh God…

“I have a pointer you might enjoy.” Holy shit. Billy looked over at Shaz standing in the doorway. He wore a flowered kimono, closed except for several inches of redheaded cock poking out through the gap. Shaz held champagne glasses in both hands. He walked into the room with the “pointer” swaying.


But the package of the doubting 25 year old oblivious gay man, the flaming love interest and the awesome side characters still made a nice story if you can skip the sex scenes that is.