Three Marks

Three Marks - sanam In this world there are no werewolves, only humans. But 30% of the population bonds with their soul mate. It doesn’t happen to everyone and it mostly happens between the ages of 17 and 25.

Derek is 26, engaged to Paige and pretty happy with his life. That is until he runs into 17 year old Stiles at a party. They look into each other’s eyes and the bond flares to life. They each get three marks that symbolize their bond to each other.

It appears they are in class of their own. Their bond is so strong that Derek can feel Stiles’ feelings. Stiles has trouble being physically away from Derek. He gets headaches and nosebleeds when Derek is not around.

Both not too happy at the prospect of bonding with each other, they try to make the most of it. They both know there is no getting out of it.

This started out as one of the best Stereks I’ve ever read. A long fic with a slow burning romance, just my kind of book!


But I had a feeling that the author didn’t quite know where to go halfway through. The story kind of stalled there.

I was hoping for massive amounts of hot Sterek sex after the great build up and sexual tension. Can you imagine my surprise when the sex is entirely off page! I felt cheated. It played such a big role in this story that I was eagerly awaiting all the hot ways for Stiles and Derek to connect and to make their bond even deeper. But no… I wasn’t invited to the party.

I couldn’t believe it. Me was sad!


I was also sad that after everything Stiles and Derek went through together they still said to be ‘just dating' at the end of the book. I wanted something more.

Still, a very good Sterek.